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Advantages of buying the roadside assistance Program

Instant help With our 24×7 roadside assistance, if your car breaks down or meets with an accident, all you need to do is confirm your location to receive immediate assistance from a mechanic arranged by us.

Why to buy roadside assistance?
  • It is recommended that you buy roadside assistance if you are new to wheels and are unfamiliar with car/bike related concerns.
  • If you love going on long-distance car trips, you must first purchase roadside assistance.
  • You must buy roadside assistance cover if you prioritize convenience over dealing with car/bike related breakdowns on your own.
  • If your car is old and faces regular issues, you must purchase roadside assistance coverage.

Things to remember if you get RSA
  • With Roadside Assistance you can get 24×7 roadside assistance in the event of a vehicle breakdown in the middle of your journey.
  • Roadside assistance will take vehicle of the expenses arising from minor repairs, emptying of fuel and similar situations.
  • Always read the terms and conditions to know what your roadside assistance cover can help you with. How to get roadside assistance?
  • Call our toll-free number 18008890903, provide your vehicle information for verification, and assistance will be on its way.
  • If minor repairs are needed, our technician will repair your vehicle on the spot. If it needs to be moved to a garage, we’ll tow it to a nearby network garage. Maintenance tips to avoid vehicle breakdown

Maintenance tips to avoid vehicle breakdown:
Check engine oil

Engine oil prevents heat and friction from accumulating in the engine, allowing all the moving parts to function properly. In case the engine oil light appears on, pull over immediately and look underneath your vehicle. If you observe a liquid leaking, it’s most likely oil, and you shouldn’t drive further since your vehicle may suffer and break down.

Never skip a service

Skipping on service means putting yourself and your vehicle in grave danger. Your concern for your vehicle should not begin with a mechanic informing you about fixing expensive parts. Rather, take vehiclee of your vehicle by getting it serviced on time, every time. Regular maintenance will help you in avoiding breakdowns

Drive properly

Your vehicles overall condition is determined by your driving behavior. To safeguard your brake pads and rotors, avoid hard starts and stops. Also, avoid riding the clutch since this will harm the bearings that are necessary for the clutch to function properly.

Never ignore warning indicators and noises

Remember, neglecting an issue will only worsen it in the long run. Drive your vehicle to a garage as soon as you hear an odd noise or find any change in the driving pattern. Explain the problem to the mechanic. This will help you in avoiding greater, more expensive problems in the future.

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